We produce valves. And just valves. Intake and exhaust valves.

And that’s what we’ve been doing for the last 30 years. Reliable and flexible, we are always ready to meet the requirements of our customers, in order to provide a high-quality product. This is why we are sure we can offer excellent valves to our customers.

Bimetallic welding / friction welding

All welded bars are subjected to 100% bending test

Electrical-upsetting and forging

The process of electrical-upsetting and forging guarantees the maintenance of the geometric shape and a regular and homogeneous fibers pattern throughout the piece.

Thermal treatments

The process is performed to eliminate all structural irregularities created during high temperature processes.

Stellite PTA coating

During the stellite PTA coating the validation of the process inherent to the structural quality, the metallurgical homogeneity and the controlled penetration is performed.


Multi-axis CNC turnings with integrated automations and interfaced for statistical control.

Induction hardening

Induction hardening subjected to controls and tests, ensuring uniformity and constancy of surface hardness.


The centerless grinding machines CN perform the stem and the valve seat grinding, with extreme precision of roundness, roughness and cylindricity.

Chrome plating

The chromium plating process with flash thickness and chrome plating guarantees high quality results

Isotropic finishing

The isotropic finishing process guarantees very low roughness and very shiny surfaces, maintaining the geometry of the pieces.

Final check

The product and the documentation coming from the processes are 100% checked, following the very strict internal procedures or specific customer requests.

Warehouse and shipping

The availability of 1,500 different products in stock and fast order fulfillment guarantees excellent service