Income checks (Raw material warehouse)

All raw material is checked in the income phase according to the IVT operating instructions keeping the identification and traceability.

Process controls (validations)

Each process is controlled and validated during the production phases, the documentation is controlled and filed, making it available to the customer.

Final controls (visual, dimensional, non-destructive with penetrating fluids)

Dimensional controls also performed with the optical system: values are available in real time.

Quality certificates

The Product Quality Certificate is available for each product and is issued upon customer’s request.

Analysis and technical reports (Control room, laboratory)

On customer’s request dimensional, microstructural and functional analyzes are driven: we give the first feedback within 24 hours, and complete technical report follows within two weeks.

Data monitoring and filing

The documentation for all products and processes is filed for 5 years or more, according to the Customer’s requirements.